Tip of the Week: Beauty Hack

Tip of the Week: Beauty Hack

One of the most valuable tips I can give to my fellow female travelers out there is actually a make up hack!

In the past month I have traveled from NYC to Florida to the Caribbean back to NY and then to Europe. It all started when I went cruising with one of my very best friends to the Bahamas. After the cruise I went to visit one of my other very best friends in Orlando! Had the most amazing vacation drinking rum punches and laying in the sun. I’ve now settled into my home in Germany and have just returned from another great vacation in Croatia! Needless to say I’ve had A LOT of sun!

I don’t know how you all feel about it but I LOVE being tan! The only draw back about being tan….is that I just picked out the perfect foundation and tinted moisturizer and now its to light! Don’t get me wrong I go make-up free A LOT. However, if I’m going out for drinks with friends or to a nice dinner with my boyfriend I want to look nice and put some makeup on.

Not to worry…I’ve got a perfect solution. In the summer I tend to only use tinted moisturizer (especially because it has SPF) but for occasions where I want to look extra flawless I use double-wear foundation. I buy them to match my au’ natural color. When I need to bump up the color to match my new tan I use St. Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Face Lotion. Just mix a small pea size amount into your foundation of choice. It looks completely natural and will wash off with the rest of your makeup without altering your color or leaving you streaky in any way! I also recommend the foam self tanner if you are looking for more color! Great line of products!



Here is the tinted moisturizer and foundation I use:

Lauren Mericier Oil-Free Tinted moisturizer



Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Foundation



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Oh and Happy Traveling!

City Girl Riss

What to pack for a Spring Vacation (Style inspiration)

What to pack for a Spring Vacation (Style inspiration)

In this post I’ll give you the essentials for what to pack and how to pack! Plus some style inspo!

Lets start with how to pack….

Over the years I’ve encountered and made friends with many flight attendants and they will all give you the same advice…don’t fold your clothes. ROLL THEM! As a flight attendant they travel weekly living out of carry on bags and I’ve gotten some of my best packing tips from them as well as a few of my own from mistakes I’ve encountered!

So now that we know you need to roll your clothes lets move on to what kind of clothes to pack!

Leggings (versatile) Wear a flowy shirt over them, under a dress, or under jeans if it gets really cold!

Leggings + a sweater = you warm on a cloudy mid 60’s day



Leggings and a flowy tank = straight from the airport, comfy, and weather appropriate in May

Tank tops (your best friends) Dress it up. Dress it down. Layer it. Wear it to bed.



Going zip lining in Thailand? Or just looking for an outfit to wear during an active adventure? Tank top + sports bra + jean shorts ( or sub an athletic short) = comfy and ready for adventure!

Flowy shirt or loose t-shirt. Goes great over leggings and you can always tuck it in for a more polished look especially with shorts




Flowy T-shirt + leggings = effortless

White button down shirt or Oxford shirt (easy to dress up or down and always looks polished)



Plaid never disappoints!


A maxi dress or skirt (one that does not require a special bra to be worn and that can easily be thrown on or off especially over a bathing suit) I always bring a longer one just in case the forecast predicts cloudy and you need some coverage on your legs.

Hello spring skirt! If you’re not trying to walk the entire city of Rome in heels I’d recommend a nice flat, strappy sandal, or a small wedge. Save the heels for dinner and drinks! Or don’t…you’re on vacation.






Cute sweater, and/or a cardigan. Easy way to stay warm and still look cute!

I give you the perfect airport outfit! Beanie + tank top + leggings + cardigan + converse = ready for anything




Rainy and cold mid summer in Boston. No problem! Sweater + Maxi = Warm and cozy. Oh, and a cute boy!

Light jacket that can double for a rainy day. You may not use it but if you do need it…you will be SO THANKFUL

Rain boots are always a good idea in spring!




Don’t fear the colored jackets! Spring is perfect for pastels!

A pair of pants! I usually bring a denim pair in a dark wash and a material pant (black). Feel free to play with color though! Since I’ve demonstrated denim in the other photos here are some fun patterns and colors. Get inspired!

Mint skinnies.white crop top.



And finally! Beanies and Hats! Because beanies will be your saving grace after an 8 hour flight and wide-brimmed hats will be your street style wind and I’ve been swimming all day savior.





Now every girls favorite part SHOES! You’ve rolled all your clothes nicely and packed them away and now you need to pack your shoes…..you bought some new ones just for vacation but you also have shoes that have been through the amazon jungle and back….No problem! Wrap each pair in a plastic bag that you get from grocery shopping. Some people say to use shower caps. That works too but I know I don’t have many shower caps lying around….

Now what shoes to pack? In a carry on I recomend three types of shoes for spring

1) The Everyday shoe. Make sure it’s easy to slip on and off so you can wear it on the beach, around town, or to a cafe

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2) The Dinner Shoe. Something with a small heel, a flat, a wedge, or full heel if you’re up to it after a day of exploring!

6379eeea16d50aa3c7bd36cc2eeab2ed 6416f7731d8f8b3df14266078ec6a32e d6e487c641ad3723fb2d440831db7edf

3) The Activity Shoe. Something with support thats gonna keep your feet comfy while you run and play

Doc Martens! Perfect for fall-spring! Plus they’re water proof! Take that rain!




Converse are the perfect casual sneaker for hiking up a volcano! Not to mention they come in fun colors!

The most important acessory for spring….an UMBRELLA! (Make sure to bring a plastic bag with you because if you use it your gonna need to store it!)


Last but certainly not least….what to bring in your makeup bag! These items are ESPECIALLY important for spring and could make or break your trip!

1) Allergy medicine – Every country has their own set of wonderful allergens and pollen. You never know how you might react! In Rome I had AWFUL allergies. No idea why. Now I bring a few allergy pills to get me by! Especially important in Spring.

2) Sunscreen – The biggest sham all over the world! Most countries have never heard of travel sizes and oh yeah….the cheapest one is 15 euros or 1500 bahts….Just bring it.

3) Aloe Vera Gel – Speaking of suncreen…sometimes you forget to bring it to the beach with you…after you made sure to pack it. This guy comes in HANDY!

4) BLISTER BAIND AIDS – Those shoes you just bought for this vacation that you forgot to brake in…OUCH! I always bring a small variety of band aids but the blister ones always get used the most.

5) Ibuprofen – Laying out in the sun all day can give you a head ache and then all you want to do is go to bed. Also that screaming baby on the flight over left you feeling like all day is about to spent in your hotel room. This guy will come in handy. TRUST ME.

6) Cold medicine – I bring a few packets of dayquil/nyquil. Because spending all day touching railings, in and out of cabs, and through crowded museums can leave behind a few cold bugs that I know I’d rather not deal with for the rest of my trip. Not to mention that asking for cold medicine at a pharmacy in another country can present challenges all on its own.

7) Sensodyne toothpaste – A lot of dentist friends recommend bringing this travel toothpaste on vacation because if there is anytime you don’t want a sensitive tooth…it’s your expensive vacation.

Hope this helps you on your spring vacation!

Happy Traveling!

City Girl Riss

Where to go in May

Where to go in May

As I realize we approach the end of May I thought it still worth sharing in case the urge strikes you to start planning for a vacation next may!

Why you should travel in May….

Beat the crowds – In europe, the united states, the caribbean, tourist season is just starting in May so ferries are working, tours are in buisness, and restaraunts and hotels are ready to go! School is still in sesion so not many families traveling. But be aware: Not all places are in full bloom. Less popular travel destinations will not be up and ready till June

The weather is at its best – (for the most part) Not to hot not to cold

No lines – When visiting the vatican and wanting to see the sistine chappel you can wait for over 3 hours in July just to enter! In may you can wait 10 minutes! Going to Disneyland or Universal studios? In July you can wait 460 minutes to go on the new harry potter ride! This may…no line was longer than 25 minutes throughout the entire park! But even in May seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louve can still be quite crowded!

With that being said my top 3 recomendations are…..

1) The Eastern Mediterranean

From Croatia, to Italy, to Greece May is a great time to visit all of these places! You get to enjoy all of the beautiful sights without the agony of sharing it with thousands of other tourists! (Greece, Italy, Croatia). Want to do it all within a short amount of time? Take a cruise! Be mindful, however, cruising in May is not the spring break crowd you might usually expect as most people have work, school, and other obligiations. Expect to be asked if you’d like the senior citizen discount.




2) Nothern Europe

This may seem out of the ordinary but nothern Europe during this time is BEAUTIFUL! Definitely a must see for nature lovers! Norway is especially beautiful with its moutains, hiking trails, and beautiful greenery. It’s amazing what’s hiding under all that snow! Also be sure to visit Amsterdam and see the famous tulip fields! Its the only time these flowers are in full bloom (May)




3) The United States

If you’ve ever wanted to attempt a theme park. May is a perfect time! I highly recomend Universal Studios! If theme parks aren’t your thing, then it’s a perfect time for Key West, Santa Monica, and New York City! Beat the heat and crowds is the name of the game!




Where is your favorite vacation spot in May?

Happy Traveling!

City Girl Riss

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The one with the stormy weather….

As any happy traveler planning a vacation, you have the highest hopes for your vacation! From excursions to hotels to WEATHER! Checking the weather forecast the week of your trip and seeing rain icons every day can certainly put a damper on your trip…but try not to worry! Sometimes even the weather man gets it wrong!

However, the rain couldn’t stop us! We had a great vacation seeing the beatuiful city of Dubrovnik! The city was absolutetly breathtaking and did not disapoint.

One of my favorite things interestingly enough, was finding all the landmarks in the game of thrones scenes on our own which made for quite the adventure. If you didn’t know, the popular HBO show Game of Thrones films part of its show in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The medieval city, with its high city walls, is in immaculate condition and providies the perfect landscape for the capital city of Westeros, King’s Landing.

Coming up….What to do, what to pack, where to travel in may, and a helpful tip!AT_-travelquote_2

Dubrovnik, Croatia: What to do

Dubrovnik, Croatia: What to do


WELCOME to Dubrovnik, Croatia

In this post, I’ll be giving you an idea of WHERE to go and WHY YOU SHOULD go!

I could say just refer to the above picture but that would be cheating…

May is a great time to visit Croatia! The crowds are at a minimum due to the beginning of tourist season (June-August) and you get to enjoy most of the sights to yourself. Although we did have a day of rain, the weather typically tends to be that nice warm 70-degree weather that we all love. Do not fear the rain for I will tell you what to pack in my next post…

Still, don’t believe me? Here is a video of the cast of game of thrones describing the beautiful city!


IMG_1849 IMG_1937

See! Now speaking of Game of Thrones….as I mentioned in my last post, one of the most fun things about this trip was finding all the filming spots on our own! We started with a walk around the city walls first…where we saw

Tyrion Lannister by Black Water Bay in King’s Landing

11248342_10204560334268650_2069409630839317580_n 11248342_10204560334268650_2069409630839317580_n_2


Just another night in King’s Landing

11351227_10204560336148697_55968737356936615_n IMG_1946

We then caught up with Sansa Stark and Petyr Baelish at the Dock’s (Before our kayaking trip)

10156086_10204560334308651_7009515806062109621_n IMG_1897

The next day we took a quick trip to Qarth where we saw our favorite Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen (circa season 2) (Actually on the island of Lokrum just a few short minutes from Dubrovnik)

11162191_10204560334588658_6600123387023371872_n IMG_1987 - Version 2

AND LASTLY, we recognized a staircase from an episode this season (no spoilers I promise.)

cersei-steps IMG_1949

There were a few more spots and even more in Split, Croatia! The show also films in Malta, Iceland, Morocco, Scotland, and more. What’s your favorite Game of thrones City?

Now the first day, as I stated, we did a walk around the city walls. Later it began to rain so we met up with some friends and made our own fun! When in doubt, impromptu bar crawl! It’s a great way to people watch, try new foods, and enjoy local beers and wines! Good times guaranteed

Some of our favorite spots:

The Pucic Palace

Malvasaija Wine Bar

D’vino Wine Bar

OR if you’d rather enjoy the drinking and have someone else do the work for you:


OR if wine isn’t for you check out

Irish Pub Karaka

Rock Caffe Exit


The following day we did an amazing Kayak tour! Great way to burn off all that wine and cheese from the night before and spend a sunny day at a secluded cave beach!

http://www.absolutelydubrovnik.com/tours-activities/%C2%BD-day-kayak-tour-around-the-walls-over-to-lokrum-that-ends-up-with-a-snorkelling-dip/ (the tour)

IMG_1930 IMG_1909 IMG_1929

The following morning we took a short ferry ride over to the beautiful island of Lokrum (Qarth.) They say the old monks who used to inhabit the island put a curse on it so anyone who stays overnight will find themselves cursed to the afterlife. The result is a beautiful uninhabited island with plenty of beautiful scenery and wildlife.

IMG_1961 IMG_1963 IMG_1974 IMG_1994 IMG_1997 IMG_2008 IMG_2034 IMG_2065

Finally, we enjoyed some great meals! I’d recommend

Tah Majhal – !!!!!! Amazing Bosnian food

restaurant 360 – Great views and food

Take the cable car up to the top and enjoy a wonderful dinner! Amazing views and delicious cuisine.


Hope you are as mesmerized with Dubrovnik as I am!


Stay tuned for what to pack, where to go in may, and for my helpful tip!

Keep Traveling!

City Girl Riss

Happy Blogging!

Greetings Gypsys, vagabonds, and travelers alike!

And a speial greetings to everything and everyone in between!

I hope you’re as passionate about life and traveling as I am because I can’t wait to share all the stories and experiences I’ve had around the world thus far!

Traveling while I’m young has been the most rewarding experience in life! I encourage everyone to travel and I’m gonna give you some tips and tricks on how to achieve those goals. At the very least, I know that you’ll be inspired and maybe discover a country or two you would have never thought of visiting in the first place!

Happy blogging!

City Girl Riss