Dubrovnik, Croatia: What to do


WELCOME to Dubrovnik, Croatia

In this post, I’ll be giving you an idea of WHERE to go and WHY YOU SHOULD go!

I could say just refer to the above picture but that would be cheating…

May is a great time to visit Croatia! The crowds are at a minimum due to the beginning of tourist season (June-August) and you get to enjoy most of the sights to yourself. Although we did have a day of rain, the weather typically tends to be that nice warm 70-degree weather that we all love. Do not fear the rain for I will tell you what to pack in my next post…

Still, don’t believe me? Here is a video of the cast of game of thrones describing the beautiful city!


IMG_1849 IMG_1937

See! Now speaking of Game of Thrones….as I mentioned in my last post, one of the most fun things about this trip was finding all the filming spots on our own! We started with a walk around the city walls first…where we saw

Tyrion Lannister by Black Water Bay in King’s Landing

11248342_10204560334268650_2069409630839317580_n 11248342_10204560334268650_2069409630839317580_n_2


Just another night in King’s Landing

11351227_10204560336148697_55968737356936615_n IMG_1946

We then caught up with Sansa Stark and Petyr Baelish at the Dock’s (Before our kayaking trip)

10156086_10204560334308651_7009515806062109621_n IMG_1897

The next day we took a quick trip to Qarth where we saw our favorite Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen (circa season 2) (Actually on the island of Lokrum just a few short minutes from Dubrovnik)

11162191_10204560334588658_6600123387023371872_n IMG_1987 - Version 2

AND LASTLY, we recognized a staircase from an episode this season (no spoilers I promise.)

cersei-steps IMG_1949

There were a few more spots and even more in Split, Croatia! The show also films in Malta, Iceland, Morocco, Scotland, and more. What’s your favorite Game of thrones City?

Now the first day, as I stated, we did a walk around the city walls. Later it began to rain so we met up with some friends and made our own fun! When in doubt, impromptu bar crawl! It’s a great way to people watch, try new foods, and enjoy local beers and wines! Good times guaranteed

Some of our favorite spots:

The Pucic Palace

Malvasaija Wine Bar

D’vino Wine Bar

OR if you’d rather enjoy the drinking and have someone else do the work for you:


OR if wine isn’t for you check out

Irish Pub Karaka

Rock Caffe Exit


The following day we did an amazing Kayak tour! Great way to burn off all that wine and cheese from the night before and spend a sunny day at a secluded cave beach!

http://www.absolutelydubrovnik.com/tours-activities/%C2%BD-day-kayak-tour-around-the-walls-over-to-lokrum-that-ends-up-with-a-snorkelling-dip/ (the tour)

IMG_1930 IMG_1909 IMG_1929

The following morning we took a short ferry ride over to the beautiful island of Lokrum (Qarth.) They say the old monks who used to inhabit the island put a curse on it so anyone who stays overnight will find themselves cursed to the afterlife. The result is a beautiful uninhabited island with plenty of beautiful scenery and wildlife.

IMG_1961 IMG_1963 IMG_1974 IMG_1994 IMG_1997 IMG_2008 IMG_2034 IMG_2065

Finally, we enjoyed some great meals! I’d recommend

Tah Majhal – !!!!!! Amazing Bosnian food

restaurant 360 – Great views and food

Take the cable car up to the top and enjoy a wonderful dinner! Amazing views and delicious cuisine.


Hope you are as mesmerized with Dubrovnik as I am!


Stay tuned for what to pack, where to go in may, and for my helpful tip!

Keep Traveling!

City Girl Riss

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