Where to go in May

As I realize we approach the end of May I thought it still worth sharing in case the urge strikes you to start planning for a vacation next may!

Why you should travel in May….

Beat the crowds – In europe, the united states, the caribbean, tourist season is just starting in May so ferries are working, tours are in buisness, and restaraunts and hotels are ready to go! School is still in sesion so not many families traveling. But be aware: Not all places are in full bloom. Less popular┬átravel destinations will not be up and ready till June

The weather is at its best – (for the most part) Not to hot not to cold

No lines – When visiting the vatican and wanting to see the sistine chappel you can wait for over 3 hours in July just to enter! In may you can wait 10 minutes! Going to Disneyland or Universal studios? In July you can wait 460 minutes to go on the new harry potter ride! This may…no line was longer than 25 minutes throughout the entire park! But even in May seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louve can still be quite crowded!

With that being said my top 3 recomendations are…..

1) The Eastern Mediterranean

From Croatia, to Italy, to Greece May is a great time to visit all of these places! You get to enjoy all of the beautiful sights without the agony of sharing it with thousands of other tourists! (Greece, Italy, Croatia). Want to do it all within a short amount of time? Take a cruise! Be mindful, however, cruising in May is not the spring break crowd you might usually expect as most people have work, school, and other obligiations. Expect to be asked if you’d like the senior citizen discount.




2) Nothern Europe

This may seem out of the ordinary but nothern Europe during this time is BEAUTIFUL! Definitely a must see for nature lovers! Norway is especially beautiful with its moutains, hiking trails, and beautiful greenery. It’s amazing what’s hiding under all that snow! Also be sure to visit Amsterdam and see the famous tulip fields! Its the only time these flowers are in full bloom (May)




3) The United States

If you’ve ever wanted to attempt a theme park. May is a perfect time! I highly recomend Universal Studios! If theme parks aren’t your thing, then it’s a perfect time for Key West, Santa Monica, and New York City! Beat the heat and crowds is the name of the game!




Where is your favorite vacation spot in May?

Happy Traveling!

City Girl Riss

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