Travel Inspiration: Movie Edition

Before I go on a vacation, I’ll sometimes watch a movie filmed in the location to get inspired! I’ve you’ve read some of my other blogs you’d know that I am a huge came of thrones fan. In watching the new season I was inspired to go on a trip to Croatia which did certainly not disappoint. So I thought I’d add some movies to watch to get you in the travel mood. In this post I feature the movie poster, a scene from the movie, and a picture from one of my trips.

And the nominees are…

The Beach




I’ve now been to Thailand twice and I fall more in love with it every time! The last picture is a photo of me at Maya Bay where the movie was filmed. It’s now more of a tourist attraction with lots of people and boats but still beautiful! Maya Bay is located off the main island Ko Phi Phi which is definitely worth a visit! For a more inhibited island check out the Similan Islands which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Or if you’re into the backpacker’s delight make sure to hit up the most famous backpacker destination Ko Lanta where the infamous Full-moon parties take place!

The Sound of Music




Our next runner-up takes place in picturesque Salzburg, Austria. Not only is it the birth place of Mozart and strudel but it also happens to be where they filmed the movie! Naturally, you can take a Sound of Music tour and see where they filmed all the great scenes from this classic musical. This beautiful town also features a Mozart tour, Hitler’s infamous eagle nest, Ice caves to explore, great hiking, a beautiful gorge, salt mines, and a wonderful place for skiing which is where I went and took the last picture featured. Not to mention it’s only 30 minutes from Munich.

The Fault in our Stars




If you’ve seen the movie (no spoilers I promise) you know that the young couple takes a trip to Amsterdam. Good choice in my opinion for it happens to be one of my favorite european cities! Just like the movie, you too can see the Anne Frank House! Prepare yourself for long lines though. I highly recommend going early in the morning, evening around sunset, or go when it’s raining like I did. There’s a lot to see from canal cruises, to the Heineken brewery, to the scandalous red light district! Warning: If you do watch the movie…bring tissues!

The Sister Hood of the Traveling Pants 2




Okay okay…I know. Not giving you a critically acclaimed film here but It does have beautiful shots of Santorini and to know Santorini is to love it. Besides, I wasn’t going to make you sit through Mama Mia and listen to Meryl Streep attempt to sing for 2 and a half hours. I do however suggest that you see all of Greece! I am a big fan of Mykonos as well and Athens has tons of history that makes it worthwhile. I personally did a cruise with Norwegian around the islands of Greece and loved it!

Marie Antoinette




Viva La France! Many people would mention Paris when you bring up France. I, however, always think of the breathtaking palace of Versailles. Just a short train ride away from Paris, the beautiful hall of mirrors and gardens make this a well worth it day trip! The movie also always manages to fascinate me and makes me wish I was a lady of the castle living in France during that time period….until I see Les Miserable and then I think….I’m good.



Gladiator 02


Now I’ve been to Italy a countless number of times and I can honestly say…it never gets old! If you want to feel like you’re in an ancient city then there’s no place like Rome! If you’ve combined all the times I’ve been there it adds up to a little over a month and I STILL feel like I haven’t seen everything! The one sight i’ll visit every time is without a doubt the Colosseum. It’s a man-made structure that blows you away instantly! Now thanks to CGI the Colosseum is a little different in the movie then what it looks like today but its a great way to picture how it was in full swing and this movie certainly doesn’t disappoint. If you’re into older films I’d also recommend a roman holiday with Audrey Hepburn.





Obviously I had to end with a great comedy taking place in my amazing country Germany! This hilarious movie is mostly shot in the wonderful city of Munich during its greatest fest of all time Oktoberfest! Now I don’t know about a secret underground beer competition but I can tell you a little bit about the fest itself. Oktoberfest is a great time and all but ask any local and they’ll tell you it’s for tourists. The citizens of Munich actually have their own fest on the outskirts of town free of drunk college kids. Germany has a fest every weekend in a different town all over the country from april-early october. However, if you’re gonna do one fest Oktoberfest is certainly a good time and the beer is….well lets just say you’ll never be able to drink another beer and feel the same way about it again! Also, the movie is a good time in itself!

and remember


Hope you are as inspired as much as I was from these movies!

Happy Traveling!

City Girl Riss

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