Tip of the Week: Planning Hack

We all know that planning a trip can be extremely stressful! So I like to use a couple of travel websites to help me plan and organize. One of my favorite website for planning is Trip Advisor (http://www.tripadvisor.com/) where you can look up destinations, hotels, flights, thing to do, places to eat, etc. The best part…its rated by people! It’s a more sophisticated yelp for world travelers. You may have even seen the logo when walking into a hotel or restaurant¬†before!

My best advice for planning a trip would be to do your research! Don’t be afraid to stay outside of a main city but research the type of transportation in the area. If your booking an excursion or tour read some reviews first but keep an open mind! Not everyone will have the same taste as you. Keep travel time in mind. If your going from one city to another give yourself a full day to travel¬†and get settled. On my vacations I like to do a day of travel, a day of activities, and then a day of rest. In Thailand I went from city to city within a 3 day time period and we never felt too exhausted following this time frame. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to only do one tour or activity. One trip I remember being really bummed that no one wanted to do a wine tour with me. So instead we made our own wine tour and found several wine bars to visit with wine flights! All was well in the end!


If you think of any other planning questions comment below!

Happy Traveling!

City Girl Riss

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