Where to go in June

So you like to Travel? Well, here’s why June is a great month to travel…

1) The Weather – Summer is upon us for half of the world and the weather is great! From the U.S. to the Caribbean, to central America, to Europe!

2) Tourist Season – It’s official up and running for every city in summer. So there will be no short supply of tours, ferries, buses, or activities.

3) Travel light – Summer clothes = a light suitcase. You can fit everything worth bringing in a carry-on and let your bathing suits dry on the balcony! (Coming soon: what to pack for a summer vacation)

With that being said my top 3 recommendations are…..

1) Central America

Granted, we are at the peak of tourist season, however, central america is beautiful during the month of June. It hasn’t got unbearably hot yet and the water is just right! Not trying to deal with the crowds? Try a cruise! Many cruises offer private islands that only they can visit. Less crowds than the more popular beaches. Going to Cancun or the Dominican Republic? Try an all-inclusive resort! It’s a great feeling to just get a wrist band and to not have to worry about money during your vacation. If you find yourself up for adventure instead of beaches try Costa Rica or Explore Mexican ruins left by the Mayans. The World is your oyster!




2) Western Mediterranean

From Spain to Portugal, to France. These beautiful countries offer amazingly beautiful coastlines. Spain, for example, has many shorelines and Islands to explore! From the Canary Islands, to Palma de Mallorca, to Barcelona, to the party city of Ibiza! (Post about my trip to Ibiza up soon!) The crowds tend to be easy-going early in June and then rise the closer you get to July. If you prefer adventure be sure to stop by in Pamplona, Spain for the famous running of the bulls the first weekend of July!




3) Central Europe

If you’re not a beach person don’t worry. You too can enjoy the beautiful weather of June! Central Europe is a great place for Hiking and exploring! From Salzburg, Austria, to Lake Königssee, Berchtesgaden National Park in Germany, to lavender fields in France, to the Swiss Alps ! Central Europe surely does not disappoint in its natural wonders and greenery. Now I haven’t been to Lake Konigsee, switzerland, or Austria since I was a kid but I’ll give you pictures from fellow travelers! The first picture from Salsburg, Austria may look familiar from the sound of music….after all…the hills are alive!





Where do you like to travel in June?

Happy Traveling,

City Girl Riss

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