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Whether you’re traveling and staying at a luxury hotel or a hostel…traveling with jewelery is a pain. I’ve tried pill cases to keep jewelery from tangling, zip block bags,┬ásmall satchels, and in the end I just wind up buying cheap jewelery for big vacations only to throw it away afterwards due to tarnish. If you feel the same way then I have a perfect solution for you. Flash tattoos!

They’re easily portable, will save you space in your suitcase, cost anywhere from 7-30 dollars for a few pages, last for days, and you can customize them any way you want! Not to mention that all you need to do for these fashionable temporary tattoos is cut, wet a paper towel on sponge, hold for a few seconds, peel, and let dry! Even the Queen B likes Flash Tattoos on her vacation!

Not to mention, I hate bringing my nice jewelery on vacation! Nothing against hostels, but sharing a room with anyone other than the people I trust has me stressed about my belongings. Even in nice hotels or apartments from air b’n’b I don’t trust leaving my valuables unattended to. Flash tattoos are a perfect answer!

Now how about a little style inspiration?





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image-4 84ea2154c5ae54a261a5c851b0ac19c4


and ending it with my way.

You can find flash tattoos:

on etsy (offers many varieties and styles. Just type in metallic temporary tattoos.)

Mumu: (http://www.showmeyourmumu.com/flash-tattoos-illia-collection)

Bloomingdales: (http://www1.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/lulu-dk-love-story-temporary-jewelry-tattoos-pack-of-2?ID=1104804&CategoryID=3376#fn=spp=1&ppp=96&sp=Null&rid=Null&cm_kws=flash%20tat)

Thanks for stopping by. Soon to follow: What to wear for a summer vacation, Bikini style inspiration, and all about my Ibiza trip!

Happy Traveling

City Girl Riss

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