Tip of the Week: Planning Hack

As someone who travels a lot…my prefered method of transportation is flying! At times I can end up shelling out a lot more than I anticipated but it can be worth it and necessary! Not to mention it’s also the quickest. If you didn’t know my favorite website to use for researching flights isĀ Skyscanner! It gives you the cheapest flights on your planned day of travel and several websites to choose from depending on price. It makes it easy to adjust days, if your travel days are flexible, to find the cheapest days to travel (which is typically a week day.) In addition, you can also do open-ended searches. For example, If you’re traveling from NYC you can type in your airport, city, or state and hit search. It will then give you all of the countries listed from cheapest to most expensive. This makes finding cheap holidays a breeze! Hope this website helps you as much as it’s helped me!


Happy Traveling

City Girl Riss

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