Tip of the Week: Packing Hack

When vacationing out of a carry-on, finding your favorite lotions, makeup, and shampoo’s in a travel size can be hard! TSA requires a 100mL maximum of liquids in a ziplock bag. Here are my recommendations so that you don’t have to compromise on your beauty routine…


1) You can buy travel size bottles from most drug stores or big brand stores (like walmart and target.) I’m big on saving so I bought my first set of travel size toiletries with a gift card and then I reused several of the bottles. I use permanent marker or sometimes tape to differentiate my liquids.

2) If you travel a lot or just love sampling new products try signing up with birch box or Ipsy! Monthly travel sized beauty products that are carry-on friendly! You can customize them to your preference and skin color!

3) Another way to save is by stopping by Sephora or Ulta Beauty Supplies and asking for samples of your favorite products! Plus you can always re-use the containers later on.

4) Speaking of Sephora, you can get many of your favorite palettes, lotions, and hair items on their website! Check out the beauty on the fly section where they offer a variety of travel sized goodies that are all TSA approved!


Any other good ideas? I’ll take them!



Happy Traveling

City Girl Riss

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