Tip of the Week: Travel Hack

The most important tip I can give to anyone traveling is to STAY HYDRATED when traveling! Sometimes it’s easier said than done. You get caught  up in what you’re doing and then next you’re feeling light-headed. If you’re traveling outside of the US you will find that in many places tap water is not free! Typically this is because the tap water isn’t the safest to drink so instead you buy a bottle of still water. Not the biggest bump in your day but buying water at restaurants and then buying a bottle of water every time you go to the beach or go on a tour can add up in money and plastic! What I like to do is go to a convenience store or a supermarket and buy a big gallon of water or two and bring my own water bottle (BPA free of course) and save myself the trouble! I drink water before dinner and enjoy a nice glass of wine instead! This way I’m saving a few dollars and I’m staying hydrated. Can’t recommend this tip enough!


Happy Traveling

City Girl Riss

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