Tip of the Week: Packing Hack

As I’ve mentioned in some of my other blog posts, I’m a big advocate for traveling with a carry-on. It’s easy to transport, no fee, and it’s always guaranteed to arrive at your destination (if you put it in the overhead compartment.) Packing everything in a carry-on can prove to be a pretty big challenge. In my other posts like What to pack for a summer vacation / Spring Vacation I talk about how I’m able to fit so many clothes in said carry-on! One of my biggest challenges however has always been packing active wear! Adventures are one of the best parts of traveling. Trying new things is a thrill and anything involving nature is magical. That’s right, I’m 24 years old and I said the word magical. NO SHAME. With that being said, I find it hard to pack active wear because it’s not very versatile! I have cute workout outfits but they tend to look out-of-place if you’re not being active. Always stopping back at your hotel can be a hassle too so I’d rather just wear one outfit the whole day. My solution to this problem is Lulu Lemon, a company created for Yoga athletic gear! They make a tank top with a cute built-in sports bra! It’s still a bit on the workout looking side but it saves me the trouble of having to pack a sports bra which takes up room in my carry-on! Plus, the patterns are gorgeous. You can also get it in full black which makes it more functional. In addition they also have some great bottoms that don’t scream I just got back from the gym. Definitely more on the high side end in terms of price but with the tank tops you’re getting a shirt and a sports bra! It’s certainly a favorite by the dance community! Can’t walk into a NYC dancer call without seeing the Lulu’s.

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City Girl Riss

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