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The one with the french film….

For the month of August, my boyfriend had to miss our long weekend for work. Couldn’t be more proud of how hard he works but certainly missed him on this trip! So for the long weekend I got in touch with my cousins who live here in Deutschland and they invited me along on a camping trip! I immediately jumped on the opportunity because I love camping. I used to go all the time as a kid but I haven’t been in years so I couldn’t have been more thrilled! Now instead of doing a post about camping I wanted to write a post about everything you will need for camping in the wild. Oh, did I mention we didn’t actually camp at a campsite? We decided to pioneer it! If you haven’t camped off the grid I highly recommend it! Going off the grid with no technology, appliances, or everyday comforts is scary but there’s no better way to get in tune with yourself and nature! Only an hour from Frieburg, we set off to France to camp at a beautiful lake for the weekend. The floor was our tent, the lake was our bath, and the forest was our….bathroom. The lake was gorgeous and we spent our days swimming, hiking the mountains, and picking wild berries. Now the last day of our trip resulted in an impromtu hike due to a french film crew! We were kicked off half of the lake by a film crew to film what looked like….a pornographic film. The actors were naked! Haha. I assume they were filming some kind of love scene but….this is certainly a story for the grand kids as they say. Now, as a blogger I can’t totally go technology free so I did manage to snap a few pictures to share. Hope you enjoy and hope this list of essentials is helpful!


Hammock – Talk about a view. My cousin and I used a simple cloth hammock that you would buy for 20 dollars at a market in Thailand or Chile. However, there are plenty of companies who make impeccably designed hammocks for adventure travelers that fit right into your backpack. Now be mindful that in a hammock you still need a sleeping bag and with a sleeping bag you’re head is still exposed to the air. Wear a warm hat because temperatures can plumit at night. They also make these great Mummy Sleeping Bags that are perfect for a hammock! Either way you’re warmer off the ground than on it.

Sub 7 Hammock


Mummy Sleeping Bag


Tent –  If you’d rather have your feet on the ground use Decthalon 2 second Pop Up Tent. Easy to use and easy to carry! Perfect for on the go and solo travel.

Decathalon 2 Second Pop Up Tent


Pillow – Inflatable is best and doesn’t collect moisture like a regular pillow! This one is designed especially for backpackers, Sea to Summit Inflatable Pillow.

Inflatable Pillow


Tarp – It very well may rain on your camping trip so being prepared is always a good idea! You can buy good ol construction tarp or they design specific tarps to your sleeping arrangements i.e hammock tarps, tent tarps, sleeping bag tarps, etc. It also makes for a covered kitchen in case of rain so you can cook.




Cooking over an open fire – There are many options for cooking over a campfire. One of the methods I enjoy using is a Campire Tripod. Easy to set up, great for tinfoil dinners, and you can place it right over a concentrated fire. Similar method is a Grill Grate. Finally, you can do it pioneer style with a dutch over. Just hang it on a stick over a fire, put on a pot of beans, and roast hot dogs on a stick!

Campfire Tripod Deluxe


Grill Grate


Lodge Camp Dutch Oven


Cooking using propane – Propane is already a reliable source for cooking. You don’t have to worry too much about rain and you can buy small portable ones that fit easily in a back pack like the CSI Minimalist cooking solution. The 2 Burner Stove is easily portable with a matchless ignition. If you want all the bells and whistles try the Coleman Outdoor Stove and Deluxe Burner. Bake and cook at the same time with a propane cylinder.

Halulite Minimalist Cooking and Eating


High Pressure 2 Burner Stove


Coleman Outdoor Gear


Dinning – For me, a dinning set should be compact and easy to carry. The options are endless from paper to plastic. CSI creates lots of compact dining sets like their Bugaboo Backpacker cooking, eating, and cleaning system or Stacking Cutlery Set. If you prefer to travel with even less try the Sea to Summit collapsible set. Not to mention whats a camping trip without some wine? Try these Silicone Wine Glasses that are easy to pack!

Bugaboo Backpacker and Stacking Cutlery Set



Sea to Summit 5 piece Cookset


Silicone Wine Glasses


Spices – Essential to make any meal delicious! Check your local grocery store for a multi spice blend or one that has several included in one container. Or you can DIY with a Spice Rocket.

Spice Rocket


Coffee – Essential! We forgot to bring a coffee maker so we had to cheat and stop at a french cafe! If you’re a coffee enthusiast like myself don’t forget to bring one! If french press and minimal work is your thing try this Double Shot Press Mug. If you prefer espresso use the Minipresso. Finally, If you feel like sharing you can always try an old school Brewing Coffee Pot.

Double Shot Pree Mug




Brewing Coffee Pot



Head Torch, Flashlight, or Lantern – preferably an LED. I typically borrow my boyfriends since he has one from the army but I strongly suggest a head torch! When we arrived to our campsite it was already pitch black and having a hands free flashlight was SO helpful! Especially when it comes to setting up a tent, finding fire wood, or trying to find a good bathroom spot in the middle of the night. A lantern also comes in handy! This Solar Powered Lumin Aid Packlight is foldable and easy to charge but you still need the sun. Or go for the ultra powered Coleman Quad LED Lantern that detaches to 4 individual flash lights.

Head Torch


LuminAid Packlight


Coleman Quad LED Lantern


Lighter – Speaking of light…make sure you don’t forget a lighter, matches, or fire starter! If you’re feeling really post apocolyptic survival status you should use The Solar Starter. Creates a fire from the sun…just hope there is sun! If not try this Fire Steel Key that helps you to strike a fire anytime anywhere.

Solar Starter


Fire Steel Key


Multi Tool and Knife – Having a multi purpose tool can be extremely helpful when camping. They typically contain everything from a can opener, to tweezers, to scissors, to a knife. You should also bring a larger stronger knife for cutting branches to use as fire wood. I typically just use my boyfriends because he has several but if you’re looking for the ultimate tool complete with all the bells and whistles get the Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp. They also carry a basic version on their website! A sustainable multi purpose knife that’s great for camping is the Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife. The options are endless!

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp


Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife


Toilet paper and shovel – You know what the shovel is for….! But DON’T forget the toilet paper. Sea to Summit Trowel has a foldable shovel that fits in your pocket and has storage in the handle for toilet paper. I usually just travel with klennex portable tissues, wipes, or I bring an entire role with a brown lunch bag then later dispose of the paper in the fire. Wilderness realness ya’ll!

Pocket Trowel


The female urinal – I haven’t tried this! I thought it was a joke but people actually use it. Had to mention it. Would you try it?




Shower – The lake works for me but if you are mountain trekking and find yourself far from a major water source try the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower. It heats up in the sun so you can have a luke warm shower. Just hang it form a tree in the sun and pack it up when you’re ready to leave.

Pocket Shower


Towel –  Use it as a picnic blanket and to dry off. Don’t forget this item! Use a microfiber towel that dries off instantly if you’re traveling from place to place!

Outgo Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel


Multi Purpose Wash – Off the grid camping can mean limited showers or bathing in a lake. The Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash in Citronella acts as a body wash, dish wash, laundry wash and mosquito repellent. Sounds like a win to me!

Wilderness Wash


Shampoo & Conditioner – Since we already have our multi purpose wash all we need is our shampoo and conditioner and we’ll be clean as can be! Use this great Shower Caddy to easily carry them around in a travel sized container.

Shower Caddy



Bug Spray – Mosquito bites are a downside to the outdoors. I hate using bug sprays because they contain harmful chemicals so I often find myself just tuffing it out. I recently came across this great Bugscreen! Haven’t had the chance to use it myself but it’s organic and can be used not only on your body but you can add it to candles, use it for your pets, add it to lotions, even rubbed onto your picnic table to prevent wandering crawlers. Multi purpose gets a thumbs up in my book!



Anti-itch cream – Sometimes bugs happen…sometimes poison ivy happens. An anti-itch cream is something you may not need but in any event that you should you’ll be SO happy you have it! Better safe than sorry. Try this all natural cream below!

Avenoo Anti-Itch Cream


Sunscreen – Don’t forget this! It will make or break your camping trip! Try a clean sunscreen without harmful chemicals like The Sun Bum.

The Sun Bum


First Aid Kit or Survival Kit – Always important. If you’re hiking make sure you have all the survival essentials!

First Aid Kit


Happy Traveling

City Girl Riss

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