Tip of the Week: Style Hack

This past week, I have been traveling around visiting the beautiful mosque’s of Islam! Now, some mosque’s have strict dress codes. You must be completely covered. You can borrow scarves from most mosques to cover your head but I couldn’t wait to buy my own! I must say I was certainly inspired by the fashion. While exploring, I had to carry the scarf everywhere because wearing a scarf in 90 degree heat was not ideal. So I got a little crafty. From headbands to bag accessories I tried it all! It also came in useful at the airport when I got cold. I usually always bring a scarf with me to the airport for extra warmth during a flight and then I usually throw it in my suitcase once I arrive at my destination. This time I tied it around my bag and my scarf matched my luggage perfectly. Win.  Here’s some inspiration for your next trip!

Happy Traveling

City Girl Riss

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