Tip of the Week: Planning Hack

Planning a vacation can be stressful. I wish I could have a travel agent do everything for me but alas I do not. So I find myself constantly on Skyscanner, Kayak, Trip Advisor, Expedia, etc searching for the best deals. I can spend days doing this. The hard work usually pays off but there’s nothing more frustrating than finding a hotel, going to book it the next day, and seeing a higher price! Naturally, the closer you get to your travel date the higher the price rises, however, I couldn’t accept this seemingly random pattern of fluctuating prices on travel websites. I then took to the internet and did some research. I read some rumors that these websites like Expedia, Orbitz, and Delta conduct studies and use cookies to view your browsing history and can determine if you’re about to purchase a ticket and raise prices. Of course, corporate americana isn’t going to fess up to any of these claims. There’s no indefinite proof but it’s certainly something to take seriously. So how do you beat the system? There are many tips and tricks out there but the most effective and simplest, in my opinion, is to go incognito! Just click on file, for apple computers, and then “New Incognito Window.” It certainly seemed to decrease the price fluctuation, in my opinion, and it only took a small effort. How about you guys? Any tips or trips you’ve found affective? Let me know, in the comments below.


Happy Traveling

City Girl Riss

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