What to Pack for a Fall Vacation

Pumpkins, Leaves, Halloween…fall is here! Bring on the hoodies and pumpkin spice lattes. In Europe, it’s already starting to get to winter temperatures. That means the key to fall style is….separates! This makes packing in a carry-on extremely difficult, of course. Luckily your packing Guru is here to help you along and provide some inspiration!

And the nominees are…

  1. Sweaters – Obviously! Easy to put on, easy to layer, wether open or closed you should always bring one. For versatility reasons, I’d recommend an open sweater that you can layer with multiple pieces and a sweater that you can easily throw over some leggings.





Leggings – Speaking of sweaters…nothing looks better under chunky knits than leggings! Comfy, easy to pack, and versatile! Wear them under a long sweater, a long shirt, or dress. You can also wear them under jeans if you get really cold.



Deaux Tell Ivory and Black Sweater Top

Skinny Jeans – They don’t take up as much room as boot cut jeans and they’re a fall staple. Roll them up with a casual shoe or dress them up with ankle boots.





Graphic Tee Shirt – The ultimate unexpected layering tool! Of course, I’d advise you to bring a few t-shirts in neutral colors as well but a graphic tee will bring personality into your outfit!




Button Down Shirt – Under a sweater, around the waist, day to-night…this staple is great for all seasons. You can roll up the sleeves if you get to warm or keep it open with a t-shirt underneath. 




Blazer – Great for a night out, this classic piece definitely gets a mention! Pack one in a neutral or fall color. Easy to throw on with a simple t-shirt and always looks polished.




Light Jacket – Something you can easily throw on and off and layer for extra warmth! I always recommend something that doubles as rain protection. A leather jacket is also perfect for day-to-night and works with every outfit!





Beanie – Easy to pack for those extra chilly days!




Scarf – The more lightweight the better! The perfect cold weather accessory if you ask me!




Shoes – It will take up all the space in your bag but nothing pulls a outift together like shoes! I always recommend bringing 3 different shoes. An active shoe, a daytime shoe, and a night-time shoe! Whatever your style, follow this guideline and you’ll be set! Preferably, choose a pair that can double as a waterproof option in case it rains! For your night-time shoe keep your heels low! Also keep in mind the coverage of the shoe…fall vacations can mean a lot of walking and cold temperatures in Fall. Here are my picks…


Active Shoe


Daytime Shoe


Nighttime Shoe

Don’t forget to pack these in your make up bag!

  • Chapstick – I literally have anxiety if I leave the house without it. 99 cent cherry chapstick does the job and will be your lips best friend!
  • Moisturizer – Cold weather wreaks havoc on skin. Don’t forget your moisturizer or use a moisturizer/makeup primer with this Beauty Hack.
  • Tissues – Klennex travel size tissues can literally save your life! I love Northern Europe in the fall and the temperatures can get really cold! The entire Northern Hemisphere is inching toward winter and the Southern Hemisphere is inching toward Spring. All in all expect winds, showers, and cooler temperatures!
  • Hair ties – Lots! Wind means tangled hair. I only brought one my last trip and it broke!
  • Cold medicine – I bring it on every trip! Big cities mean big germs so don’t forget to pack a few Nyquil/Dayquil.
  • Ibuprofen – Headaches happen. Whatever your brand of choice is don’t forget this helper.
  • Pepto, Tums, or a Stomach Relief Aid – New cities, new foods, lots of viruses…don’t forget this item! Hopefully you never have to use it but if you do you’ll be so happy you brought it!
  • Sensodyne toothpaste – A lot of dentist friends recommend bringing this travel toothpaste on vacation because if there is anytime you don’t want a sensitive tooth…it’s on your expensive vacation.

Hope this helps you on your fall vacation! Did I miss anything? Let me know on the comments below!

Happy Traveling

City Girl Riss

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