Last Minute Gifts for Travel Addicts

Christmas is around the corner! Have you found a gift for the world traveler in your life? Try these last minute gifts that’s bound to wow even the most experienced explorer.


  1. Portable charger – The perfect gift for your techie loved one who “literally can’t even.” Traveling is an adventure that requires GPS, Yelp, and Instagram. This can take up a lot of precious battery on an all day tour. That’s why the portable charger will come in handy holding 2 or more extra charges.
  2. GoPro Hero – For the adventure addict who can’t wait to jump out of a plane. This camera/video recorder provides endless options for taking photos, posting them online and making an epic video of your once and a lifetime trip. Not to mention, the tons of accessories that you and your family can coordinate on together.
  3. Collapsible dishwear – From tupperware to pots to stackable cutlery, the backpacker in your family will thank you for years to come. Stack it, fold it, collapse it…the less space it requires the better!
  4. Filtered Water Bottle – For the explorer who likes to take the off beaten path. Whether in a third world country or in the wild, clean water can be hard to come by. Make their life a little easier and get them the product that does the hard work for them.
  5. Lifeproof Case – For that person who seems like they’re always on a cruise ship. Water is their pleasure and if there’s one thing that doesn’t mix it’s water and electronics. They’ll thank you later by sending you all their underwater selfies from the Bahamas.
  6. Travel Size Hair Tools – This vacation can’t even handle her right now with this great gift! From a travel size flat iron to a cordless curling iron, the beauty queen will hail the ground you walk on.
  7. Makeup Palette – Blush, check, eye shadow, check, lip gloss, check! A lady who travels doesn’t like to take a lot with her. If she loves makeup make her life a little less stressful by gifting her an all-in-one makeup palette.
  8. Wet Brush РThe water bug that has to hit the ocean as soon as she gets to the beach will do kart wheels over  this product. Specifically designed to brush easily through wet hair, this brush provides TLC to your locks with gentle ease. Even Santa himself would love this gift!
  9. Neck Pillow – Sometimes it doesn’t matter how we get to our destination just so long as we arrive. A simple neck pillow will make all the difference. Bonus points if it has a strap to throw around your carry on or clips easily onto your backpack. Inflatable pillows are a plus for the outdoors person who sleeps via hammock.
  10. USB Car Charger – The road tripper will certainly appreciate this gem. A phone is a necessity for bathroom bakes and food stops. Not to mention all the pictures they’ll take at the worlds largest ball of yarn.
  11. 4-port USB Wall Charger Travel Kit – ¬† Unfortunately, the world is not unanimous when it comes to electricity. Everyone enjoys being prepared and you’ll be the best relative or friend for providing it.
  12. Travel Size Toiletres – If you need a few stocking stuffers for the traveler in your life go with travel size bathroom products. They’ll be used up in no time and the bottles can be reused again and again.

Now all that’s left to do is add on the overnight shipping! The new year brings new adventures.


Happy Traveling,

City Girl Riss

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