5 Scariest Haunted Houses in America


Happy Halloween! With the final weekend of October approaching be sure to check out the  5 Scariest Haunted Houses in America. If you REALLY enjoy being scared be sure to stop by one of these haunted houses to get the full Halloween experience. Just make sure you can handle being touched, grouped, maybe even faux water boarded. The videos alone were enough to give me nightmares. Check out the article here.

5 Scariest Haunted Houses in America


New York, Los Angeles

Adults 18+ Only




Dent Schoolhouse

Cincinnati Ohio

Parental Adivsory Explict Content




Haunted Hoochie at Dead Achres

Pataskala, Ohio

Parental Adivsory Explict Content




Freakling Bros: The Victim Experience

Las Vegas, Nevada

Adults 18 + only



McKamey Manor

San Diego, California

Adults 21+ Only




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