How to Naturally Lighten Your Hair

Hey Ladies! This week’s “tip of the week” is a beauty tip! Since summer is in full swing I’ve been spending every second I can in the great outdoors. My favorite outdoor spot like most people is…the beach! I am a beach bum through and through. The best part about summer is soaking up some vitamin D and…not having to always do my hair! During the months of June through August, I use minimal heat on my hair. I constantly wear my hair wet and in braids. Then I comb it through and add a little, okay a LOT, of dry shampoo to achieve beachy waves for my night-time look. I also, don’t cut or color my hair until after summer. Why? Heat can damage your hair and since I’m heat free for three months my hair grows long and strong naturally. In addition, I don’t color it because the sun naturally lightens my hair. Sometimes I’ll color it at the beginning of may and let the sun touch up my roots. However, there are plenty of things you can do to help aid the process. My all time favorite hack is…lemons! I LOVE LEMONS! I put them in my water, use them to marinate chicken and fish, and even in my beauty routine! Just apply some organic freshly squeezed lemon juice to your hair, hit the beach, and enjoy! You can brush it through, toss it in a bun, etc. There’s really no wrong way to do it. Growing up I remember a lot of girls using the sun-in spray. But I never used it because it turned every girl’s hair orange. So I took to the internet to find a natural solution and tada…the secret was something I already had in my fridge. The more consistent you do this treatment the lighter your hair will become. Of course, it’s not a dye so it won’t dramatically alter your original color. So if you have black hair, a drop of lemon juice won’t make you blonde. However, hair that naturally lightens from the sun, i.e. light brown or blonde will benefit from this hack. The overall effect is natural highlights and face framing lighter shades for a sun kissed look. It’s a gradual effect so don’t be frustrated if you don’t see a dramatic change after a one time use. Let me know how this tip works for you!


Enjoy your summer!

City Girl Riss

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