Managing Your Money to Save for Travel

This week’s, “Tip of the Week,” is a hack you can use to save money for your travel fund. When trying to set a budget for a vacation, you have to start with the basics. Ask yourself how much income you currently have coming in, how much you need to cover your bills and how much you’ll need for weekly expenses such as groceries or a night out. Of course, you could sit down and count every penny you’ve ever made, every dollar you’ve ever spent, and so on, but why go through all that work? Now, thanks to the ever-growing field of technology, I have an app that does all of my budgeting for me! I use the Mint app that tracks all of my accounts, categorizes my spending, allows me to set budgets for myself, and alerts me when I’ve gone over budget. It also has helpful tips and lets you know when you have upcoming credit card payments due. I’m not sponsored or affiliated with this app in any way, just sharing a useful tip to encourage you to start saving, start traveling, and living your best life!

Once upon a time, I used to do exactly that and it was a meticulous and daunting process. I would track down everything I spent and put it into categories, such as food and drink, transportation, entertainment, etc. Once I had all of my finances mapped out I would create a budget and experiment with where I could cut back on spending. Personally, I’m a big abuser of buying coffees at Starbucks instead of making it at home. I would spend $70-120 a week on coffee! Some weeks that was more than I’d spend on alcohol after a weekend with friends. For me, making a one-time investment in a good coffee machine and disciplining myself to make coffee at home saved me an extra 100 dollars a week that went directly to my travel fund. Within a few months, I had saved up 1,000 dollars for a vacation I scored a great deal on flights, stayed with a friend and stuck to places where I could get a decent meal for less with a little research. For you, you may not drink coffee, however, you can look for an area within your budget that has some flexibility. Do you have a high grocery bill? Research cheap meals to make and set a strict budget for yourself! Have a high cable bill? Look into canceling your cable for a few months and invest in Netflix¬†or Hulu. Not using that gym membership you swore you would? Cancel it, and find workout apps or youtube videos to stay fit.

As for my coffee maker? I personally drink iced coffee so it’s hard to find at home solutions. Luckily, my parents are amazing and got me a Ninja coffee maker for my birthday! I highly recommend it! You can find more info about it,¬†here.



Happy Traveling,

City Girl Riss


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