3 Beauty Tools for Better Skin

For years, the beauty industry has been dominated by makeup brands all promising to help you achieve better looking skin. In recent months, I’m happy to report that skin care has slowly started to steal the show as women are starting to realize that the secret to a radiant complexion has little to nothing to do with makeup. Showing your skin some extra TLC means you’ll need less makeup or even better, your skin will be so flawless, you’ll have the confidence to walk around makeup free! In addition to sunscreen, moisturizer, and a good serum, I lend my skin a helping hand with a few “go to” beauty tools. A smooth canvas is the key to glowing skin and I’m here to share some of my favorites that I’ve been coveting and testing for the last few years. Let’s start with my morning routine, one of the first things I grab in the AM after I wash my face is a…


Facial Roller




How I’ve made it this far without a facial roller is beyond me! For those of you who aren’t familiar with this tool, a roller is a device that is designed to message the face, decrease puffiness, and minimize the look of fine lines. Essentially the tool replicates an in person facial massage which encourages the natural drainage of the lymph nodes, which carry waste products away from the facial tissue. As someone who suffers from bad allergies, this really helps with getting rid of inflammation and fluids that like to linger in my sinus cavities.


This also really helped with my under eye bags. I use The Ordinary Caffeine Solution with the roller and my under eye bags immediately disappear. Plus, I’ve noticed I don’t have as much puffiness in the morning after a month or two of using this! What I find to be the most effective is: putting this roller in the freezer. I learned from women in Scandinavian countries that the key to having virtually no pores is to wash your face with cold water. This shrinks the appearance of pores, helps with redness, and reduces inflammation. I’m obsessed with my roller from ReFa Carat Face Roller! I started with an ice roller, then tried the jade roller (which is also a great budget friendly option), but nothing beats the Refa!





So I know this is an awkward topic BUT…I shave my face! Hear me out, it’s rumored that one of the reasons why men look younger as they age is due to the fact that they are constantly exfoliating their face, removing dead skin cells, and in effect, causing rapid cell turnover for younger looking skin from shaving. I know multiple beauty bloggers and skin care guru’s who swear by this! So naturally I had to test it out and I am now a coveted believer! After the razor removes the dead skin cells, I’m left with a silky smooth canvas. Meaning my makeup glides on easily, the finished product looks more natural, and skin care products absorb more easily into my skin.


For me, In the summer when I get tan, the blonde hair becomes more visible and after a little shave I’m fuzz free! If you have hyperpigmentation on your upper lip this product is for you! One of the best ways to shave your face is by dermaplaning. Once every two to three weeks an aesthetician takes a scalpel and gently shaves your face. I don’t always have time to get dermaplaning done, unfortunately, so I use a “Tinkle Razor.” Pull the skin-tight and in gentle sweeping motions, working from the outside in towards the chin, follow the natural contours of your face until all the hair is removed. Just be careful around your eyebrow area as you don’t want to accidentally remove those guys.  This is a great budget friendly option and I got mine from Amazon, here.


Face Cloth




I know this doesn’t fit the standard beauty tool “status quo” but everyone should have one in their skin care routine! The reason is simple, when taking off your makeup, it’s important to use a face cloth to remove all the buildup. Your fingers simply won’t do the trick this time. In the past I used to use makeup wipes. If you’re using a makeup wipe, STOP! Wipes can be harsh, pulling the skin and most products contain chemicals that are not great for your skin or even worse, make your break out! Plus throwing away all those wipes isn’t the best for the environment.


My recommendation would be the face halo round washcloth pads! The pads are so soft, they don’t pull on your skin, and you can SEE the makeup residue on the cloth. Trust me, you won’t be able to go back. My favorite thing about them is you don’t have to wash them every day either. You can use soap and water to clean then. I wash mine, in the wash machine, once every three weeks. I personally like to double cleanse, which I’ll do a separate post for, but using an oil based cleanser or makeup remover I use the halo round to remove makeup and then follow-up with benzoyl peroxide face wash for my acne prone skin. My face has never felt cleaner and my skin couldn’t be happier.



Photo credit: Chris Loupos





Disclaimer: I was provided with a free service in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I only support companies I would actually use in real life and like. 

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