Easy Christmas Recipe Ideas

It’s almost time for Christmas! If you waited to do everything last minute, like I did, you’ll love this easy recipe article I did for CBS two years ago! I make all of these dishes often, even when it’s not Xmas, and always get great reviews from the toughest critics I know….my family. The appetizer I mentioned in this article, the salami Caprese skewers, are especially a crowd favorite and take minutes to assemble with no cooking needed! I’ll even bring a baguette and use the extra oil, where the cheese was marinating in, as a dipping sauce. I’m mostly Italian and as you can see this menu has a lot of heavy Mediterranean influences. I grew up with all these dishes and personally make everything that I write about. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! As always, feel free to ask me anything or let me know if you’ve tried and tested this. You can read the full article on CBS Local NY, here.

5 Course Christmas Dinner Recipes For Your Big Get Together




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