The Best Beauty Tips From Around The World

If you’ve been following my blog from the very beginning you remember the “beauty hack” article days. I just recently re-wrote my about me and I’m happy to say that after re-reading it, from when I first started traveling (consistently) back in 2013, not a whole lot has changed. I started this blog with the intention of visiting a new city once a month. Since traveling has paused until further notice, thanks COVID-19, I’ve definitely been focusing more on beauty, aka my sub-niche.

Here’s an excerpt from my about me that still resonates with me today:

I believe that self-love comes from the inside out. In addition to loving who you are as a person, I believe you should take the time to treat your body with just as much respect. My self-love, health, and wellness journey came about when I started immersing myself in other cultures. You could say I became the Carmen Sandiego of investigative reporting, desperately tracking down anyone willing to share beauty and wellness tips in efforts to find what was really working out there. Of course, it didn’t take long to realize the best answers were the ones found in nature and used in beauty regimens that had been passed down from generation to generation.

Although I haven’t been everywhere yet, these are my best beauty tips—so far. Here are some articles I’ve written and been interviewed for recently. Check them out!

7 Life-changing Beauty Tips I Learned From Traveling the World (Travel + Leisure)

5 Travel Writers Share Their Top Beauty Tips From Around The World (Forbes)

*my good friend Kather Parker-Magyar interviewed me for this

Flight attendants share the best moisturizing products for dehydrated skin (Hello Giggles)

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