About Me

Born and raised in Long Island, NY this city girl currently resides in NYC on the Upper West Side. With a passion for adventure, Merissa has spent the last few years living and traveling between the US and Germany working for the US Army as a preschool teacher. Taking the best advice, fresh failures, and years of experience, City Girl Riss was created to share my passion and to inspire a generation of wanderlust. I like to spend my free time visiting new places, trying new things, and most importantly…having fun! Some of my favorite places include Germany, Thailand, Portugal, and Italy, to name a few. I’m an adventure junkie and budget traveler with a knack for living life to the fullest..or as I like to call it, boujee on a budget. Follow my journey as I map out life’s next big move. I can’t promise to┬áchange the world but at the very least I promise to make you laugh.

Happy Traveling,
City Girl Riss

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