NYE Outfit and DIY Party Guide

NYE Outfit and DIY Party Guide

It’s time to celebrate the final days of 2016! Or to some of us: the worst year ever. At least you can do it in style with this guide on what to wear! There’s something for every type of occasion. You can even send it with an e-vite to the amazing DIY NYE party you’re going to throw! Get ready to party like, “It’s the end of the world as we know it”…because…it might be. Cheers!


New Year’s Eve Fashion Guide


New Year’s Eve Party DIY Guide



Happy New Year,

City Girl Riss

Best Halloween Costumes for Fall 2016

Best Halloween Costumes for Fall 2016

Still deciding what to be for Halloween? Try some of these ideas! They’ll be the hottest costumes on All Hallows Eve. Check out this article I wrote for CBS here.



Be sure to keep checking back for more Halloween fun and an upcoming article for Halloween Makeup Tutorials.


Happy Halloween,

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What to Pack for a Fall Vacation

What to Pack for a Fall Vacation

Pumpkins, Leaves, Halloween…fall is here! Bring on the hoodies and pumpkin spice lattes. In Europe, it’s already starting to get to winter temperatures. That means the key to fall style is….separates! This makes packing in a carry-on extremely difficult, of course. Luckily your packing Guru is here to help you along and provide some inspiration!

And the nominees are…

  1. Sweaters – Obviously! Easy to put on, easy to layer, wether open or closed you should always bring one. For versatility reasons, I’d recommend an open sweater that you can layer with multiple pieces and a sweater that you can easily throw over some leggings.





Leggings – Speaking of sweaters…nothing looks better under chunky knits than leggings! Comfy, easy to pack, and versatile! Wear them under a long sweater, a long shirt, or dress. You can also wear them under jeans if you get really cold.



Deaux Tell Ivory and Black Sweater Top

Skinny Jeans – They don’t take up as much room as boot cut jeans and they’re a fall staple. Roll them up with a casual shoe or dress them up with ankle boots.





Graphic Tee Shirt – The ultimate unexpected layering tool! Of course, I’d advise you to bring a few t-shirts in neutral colors as well but a graphic tee will bring personality into your outfit!




Button Down Shirt – Under a sweater, around the waist, day to-night…this staple is great for all seasons. You can roll up the sleeves if you get to warm or keep it open with a t-shirt underneath. 




Blazer – Great for a night out, this classic piece definitely gets a mention! Pack one in a neutral or fall color. Easy to throw on with a simple t-shirt and always looks polished.




Light Jacket – Something you can easily throw on and off and layer for extra warmth! I always recommend something that doubles as rain protection. A leather jacket is also perfect for day-to-night and works with every outfit!





Beanie – Easy to pack for those extra chilly days!




Scarf – The more lightweight the better! The perfect cold weather accessory if you ask me!




Shoes – It will take up all the space in your bag but nothing pulls a outift together like shoes! I always recommend bringing 3 different shoes. An active shoe, a daytime shoe, and a night-time shoe! Whatever your style, follow this guideline and you’ll be set! Preferably, choose a pair that can double as a waterproof option in case it rains! For your night-time shoe keep your heels low! Also keep in mind the coverage of the shoe…fall vacations can mean a lot of walking and cold temperatures in Fall. Here are my picks…


Active Shoe


Daytime Shoe


Nighttime Shoe

Don’t forget to pack these in your make up bag!

  • Chapstick – I literally have anxiety if I leave the house without it. 99 cent cherry chapstick does the job and will be your lips best friend!
  • Moisturizer – Cold weather wreaks havoc on skin. Don’t forget your moisturizer or use a moisturizer/makeup primer with this Beauty Hack.
  • Tissues – Klennex travel size tissues can literally save your life! I love Northern Europe in the fall and the temperatures can get really cold! The entire Northern Hemisphere is inching toward winter and the Southern Hemisphere is inching toward Spring. All in all expect winds, showers, and cooler temperatures!
  • Hair ties – Lots! Wind means tangled hair. I only brought one my last trip and it broke!
  • Cold medicine – I bring it on every trip! Big cities mean big germs so don’t forget to pack a few Nyquil/Dayquil.
  • Ibuprofen – Headaches happen. Whatever your brand of choice is don’t forget this helper.
  • Pepto, Tums, or a Stomach Relief Aid – New cities, new foods, lots of viruses…don’t forget this item! Hopefully you never have to use it but if you do you’ll be so happy you brought it!
  • Sensodyne toothpaste – A lot of dentist friends recommend bringing this travel toothpaste on vacation because if there is anytime you don’t want a sensitive tooth…it’s on your expensive vacation.

Hope this helps you on your fall vacation! Did I miss anything? Let me know on the comments below!

Happy Traveling

City Girl Riss

Tip of the Week: Style Hack

Tip of the Week: Style Hack

This past week, I have been traveling around visiting the beautiful mosque’s of Islam! Now, some mosque’s have strict dress codes. You must be completely covered. You can borrow scarves from most mosques to cover your head but I couldn’t wait to buy my own! I must say I was certainly inspired by the fashion. While exploring, I had to carry the scarf everywhere because wearing a scarf in 90 degree heat was not ideal. So I got a little crafty. From headbands to bag accessories I tried it all! It also came in useful at the airport when I got cold. I usually always bring a scarf with me to the airport for extra warmth during a flight and then I usually throw it in my suitcase once I arrive at my destination. This time I tied it around my bag and my scarf matched my luggage perfectly. Win.  Here’s some inspiration for your next trip!

Happy Traveling

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Tip of the Week: Packing Hack

Tip of the Week: Packing Hack

As I’ve mentioned in some of my other blog posts, I’m a big advocate for traveling with a carry-on. It’s easy to transport, no fee, and it’s always guaranteed to arrive at your destination (if you put it in the overhead compartment.) Packing everything in a carry-on can prove to be a pretty big challenge. In my other posts like What to pack for a summer vacation / Spring Vacation I talk about how I’m able to fit so many clothes in said carry-on! One of my biggest challenges however has always been packing active wear! Adventures are one of the best parts of traveling. Trying new things is a thrill and anything involving nature is magical. That’s right, I’m 24 years old and I said the word magical. NO SHAME. With that being said, I find it hard to pack active wear because it’s not very versatile! I have cute workout outfits but they tend to look out-of-place if you’re not being active. Always stopping back at your hotel can be a hassle too so I’d rather just wear one outfit the whole day. My solution to this problem is Lulu Lemon, a company created for Yoga athletic gear! They make a tank top with a cute built-in sports bra! It’s still a bit on the workout looking side but it saves me the trouble of having to pack a sports bra which takes up room in my carry-on! Plus, the patterns are gorgeous. You can also get it in full black which makes it more functional. In addition they also have some great bottoms that don’t scream I just got back from the gym. Definitely more on the high side end in terms of price but with the tank tops you’re getting a shirt and a sports bra! It’s certainly a favorite by the dance community! Can’t walk into a NYC dancer call without seeing the Lulu’s.

Happy Traveling,

City Girl Riss

4th of July Favorites

4th of July Favorites

Happy almost 4th of July to my USA natives! Wish I was in the states celebrating with you all! There’s nothing better than being with family and friends, having a few cocktails, eating watermelon, and watching fireworks on the 4th! I’ll still be representing the red white and blue in Lagos, Portugal (post to follow soon) but I wanted to share some style inspiration with my fellow patriots! So whether you’re hitting up a swanky party, going to the bach, hanging out local, or keeping it casual I hope you have a great 4th of July!






























Happy Traveling

City Girl Riss

What to pack for a Summer Vacation (Style Inspiration)

It’s my favorite season of the year! Also known as everyone’s favorite time to travel. So let’s get to it…

How to pack….

In my previous blog post, What to pack for a Spring Vacation, I let you in on my favorite packing tip. Roll your clothes, don’t fold them! Now in my carry on I pack clothes and a few pairs of shoes. I bring a separate tote bag ( a big one. You can also use a back pack) for my toiletries, jewelry, and bulkier shoes. In that tote bag I also carry a book, scarf or jacket for the plane ride, electronics and accessories. By accessories I’m talking about plug adaptors (a must if you travel abroad), chargers, and any go pro accessories.

Let’s move on to what to wear….

And OF COURSE a bit of inspiration to follow!

1) Denim Shorts – Sometimes you never know what you’re going to get into on vacation and denim shorts are classic and versatile. I always bring 1 pair.

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2) Tank Tops and Tee’s – Of course! Easy to throw on, go with everything, and easy to pack. Wear it to the beach, to bed, out on the town, exploring, etc. The more neutral the color the more versatile.

x20159 x20347

186ad632648524ce6351504fcf0397b8 2838c898af2edb17e7e0c7da7f0cad11x20279

3) Patterned Shorts – Day or Night. Beach or Club. Patterned shorts are easy to dress up or down and go oh so perfectly with tank and crop tops. Also easy to pack!

fd7d55a99b5b2947d1a0d3328e1c2f1d2eb85adb00e77eb9fe39eba737df6b2e x203216cafea9b51ec23fe26c162f0e2f32eff184c9cc61522b2084fca07127d3fe193c75ce6392a6573dfae0d46ba234dae6f51cea1a7e3b281d1db58cb1d9f08404e

4) Crop Tops – Hello Summer! They go perfectly with those patterned shorts! A lace crop top can go from a bikini cover up to a night-time outfit with a white bra underneath and paired with a maxi skirt.


15ecc72aac02d499f66b603c963e8d19 89fdd488259242a2366073bdadfca5d5    81ada654e5148cbf4e772d2a49a5c3f6ffb53aa22f2ce799da649cf27a8ecec2eb78a8455b758529b846c0b47557ea58fed666e59e3393c850cef80bf1eb029c

5) The Matching Two Piece- wear them together one day then separately the next! Kill two birds with one stone on numbers 3 and 4!

414d962b133c1d70dc46c692bb0b4a37c006d5fee8a2ee627b47f89655d39ab5f9d5af7b046a6aba8ff98ab362356e63   91233d0300c3931423d463044a393d5f176f34c60fa9eb350ca8e9035eb1d43bb70896338022807b6865b468d629c67f-17da6c9ca46125b69aaf91494a0b26647vanessa-hudgens-style-outside-her-hotel-in-nyc-may-2015_3-620x9281800f2dd81d1564ffd6f887345623315-13c3cdec23878965101ede07bb1bd1a6e

6) Romper or a Summer Dress –  Summer Essentials. The less complicated they are to put on the better! Try to stear clear of ones that require a special type of bra. If you can wear it braless thats even better but give it a cold air test before you wear it out.


c3fbb1355f556d462011eef42d68ec07cute-purple-dress189b26cc17019502c88e07f16eaad97d  7924479baa97e21dbe3cad5bc027a2e2street-style-summer-white-flower-print-dress-@wachabuye63d222a655854d2942efa32e9cb6cc9a2c6a25332513fae2ae4fc4abbf59b16street-style-summer-pop-of-color-bird-print-dress-@wachabuy81d2f1d369673a7794a1bf9e895d9bb4little-white-dress

7) The Long One Piece – For lounging around, shopping, dinner, or walking around town. A maxi or a jumpsuit is always a good choice. Especially if you’re traveling towards the end of summer or if you’re in a destination with high winds.

0f430370d45d9eb601fb9e7d7d0735c0c9d519d0cf9279ef60d3e7052f73807fblue-maxi-dress4cc0df7d2734b16306cc6a235ef07559 b759fdbc266eef0898a0780298502465d5931ecb81052d55de981241ed63a2e6  7bf9315dfd9781ccf429841782c2569f 2eb8fa3a5551fe6f6c7fddf12047da2d 64491ffe04d709fe33fdfab489e5c9c2b384e1f6aba83182f78aa08b981d008cmain.original.0x889ccce3e7ecae82d76f1cf9196c829f99e01ad766a70dbeeed7672002fcdd6ec8ca

8) The Linen Pant or Boyfriend Jeans – The temperature will certainly drop in the evening and you’ll be happy you packed these! This is my go to for airport style beacuse it’s comfotable and not to hot when landing at your sunny destination. I personally prefer a linen pant but boyfriend jeans are perfect as well. Boyfriend Jeans can be tricky to pull off but I find that If you wear them with a long flowing top they look perfect. However, If you have the body of a super model…rock the crop top and god bless you!

056c1f8c12ad1e5b4e99a162c1de692e902b34c4c9f62f6ab94f95b5a81ef7b8742f58a3c939db937eed7b7b99faa9a01e3a837807607fb14646e4ab4cd8c3e05dd05911f9a82f09f1464b53f5b2f3f9d9e7d9e98cee7e1174b8c9504a4ee4b08a13d9f473c4615746f4228514998b9de21e4b40b45132db4da4c5afa23cbec679e18e5a865268421f20e9797b99abcd 784148962e9b5c03d4a6c882219c692119c58c0965508bf304046388686b3b91946d0ef990b318957cefd8afb2ae9fa7

9) The Shirt Dress – The most versatile dress! One of my favorite cover ups at the beach. Throw on cute sandals and its perfect for a day tour. Add cute wedges at night and it’s the perfect outfit for a night on the town. A must buy for your wardrobe if you don’t already own a few! Also works well for the aiport! Just throw some leggings on underneath.

2c510b20a2f0e4db4df7f82d9c525cab  702f308e5aada6da0ba5a877fb763066 3b0cfe19cfe5674ebe9276009bfba87c2316c745f26f0f9992d9bb08907309e8 dc2739249e326f474211a0476f8d6ed5 x20174 denim-shirt-dressb2cc8a1f6618fd69131f06990e7880a7

10) The headband and Sun hat – weather you use a head scarf, a hair chain, a straw hat, or a fedora head accessories are a style must! We can’t all have perfect hair 24/7! I personally prefer scarfs and headbands because they’re easier to pack. However, Wearing your hat on the plane makes it easier to bring and looks stylish too!

5c17b57a6d3e63f187d65ebf87b842fba67c41ecf5f59608efcd70a6a2346b4cce2f3fd3fca9046c9e062625504308dd4c3a8f8e8bc25e6c90568afc4e8a21a4 0R2A24091aba3f68d2178a15e0bab69bb917d08b     enhanced-16271-1419027012-12c148d6ed67cdb6a088fabff34abcc8e21f9bbd85b52e81b74e036af1a03a2841fb669a5ef8dc0c78d8ec3f4a6a3e89547f131bc50911c76691937ec584ebd340843b0f9bd3693dfdba13b387f58f5c23c8432d7fe8cf093b0fcd144bd18acd4f   edf12b964fdcbbdd1bb3a7757705befcadda7199e2b1b95dda24b4cee51caf1f

11) Shoes – How to pack them? As I’ve stated in previous blogs, wrapping them in plastic bags is the best way to ensure your clothes stay clean! Now I usually bring three pairs of shoes with me. A sandal with no backing that can be easily slipped on and off, a multi tasking comfortable shoe (casual sneaker, flat, or a canvas), strappy sandal or small wedged shoe. The sandal is used for beaches, errands, theme parks, boats, etc. Anything that requires me to remove my shoes or I just need to slip on and go is what I use the sandal for. If it has a small clasp to it that works too (just more effort). The multi tasking shoe is for excursions and tours. If I’m traveling to Thailand where I know I might be doing some excursions in the jungle I’ll bring a running shoe. If I think I might be doing some light hiking up a volcano in Santorini I’ll bring a converse or canvas sneaker. When I travel to the Caribbean, go cruising, or know that I won’t be doing many physical activities I’ll bring a flat. Sometimes I’ll bring a flat and a pair of converse if I’m not sure what the itinerary entails. Finally the strappy sandal or small wedged shoe is for evenings out. Now unless you’re in a metropolitan city many people do not wear anything larger than a small wedge especially in beach towns. If you are traveling to a city like New York, LA, Bangkok, Paris than this evening shoe can be a pair of heels! I like to wear a strappy sandal or a nice pair of flats. Neutral colors are often the best when bringing shoes because you want something that compliments everything. But beware: avoid white in bigger cities. White shoes tend to get black very fast in places like NYC, Rome, Bangkok, etc. Try nude instead!

Daytime Shoe


Multi-tasking shoe

ce3231050dd89ff472f4e6eb313db26f96ca2957821c997d9530daf7a61ac1f094281ffb0257cf64c188586675632fbec342fd5c596699047ec551ae1c1d3049809b813fcb9b486eeca054aa0244e843a51e62f5c9068306fd89ac382757bb1f191cc696711a75142a8b88f8321d9b42b1cbed36c36c2e71159856e66378fd440e4eed633a893a011ab4845b3ddd24cb  cd72a00799af70f24405028a13dc3e42  sarah_pj_026900x-720x1085cd35a5e7f69e4b43bbb74ff0eba15dda

Nighttime Shoe

88316e46db6259deff3be9ff4608bd7a02d7d929106b4acc6025abbd1328940cwww.heartoverheels.com-gorgeous_shoes_from_pinterest_2015_96Woven-Ballet-Flats-8-Essential-Type-of-Shoes-357x55004528af66505ef04ab06ae04aa154203351637a37eb79693a9ebc75de422a5aa3da7bd064aaa10d2073f2b88f75102a810cf8f61d47901113a254f5f69c65a4fe508204a182653ac6a3b11eebc6731ed 2244a9d3983cf0b0dbd04da4fa367435abd750daeb5dc270659a7490ce08044bec687824eb3c6ca452adecd4593e1a9ef893d82a9f2787da94a4a2e21bc15eec6a0299daf243225eb4dc65aefd984cdef805ee57a559e0c408f9cfd30d4ade94e5fe933d55b09f537715babdffe9211800f1473ada8df4eafbf63c20aaf2da1b11def72090c595e4a5cd327a1eb9670e

11) Outer wear – Do your research on the weather but I always recommend bringing a little something just in case. For summer I bring a jean jacket, a blazer, or a cardigan. You can always roll up the sleeves if it gets warm again, easy to transport, and great for airplanes!

c2d61665b6eb19baf2dbe16a8f83872d printed-blazer-and-shorts6cb6508430b6e4096a4e00ece6549dea


Few must bring itema for every summer vacation!

1) Sunscreen – The biggest sham all over the world! Most countries have never heard of travel sizes and oh yeah….the cheapest one is 15 euros or 1500 bahts….Just bring it.

2) Aloe Vera Gel – Speaking of suncreen…sometimes you forget to bring it to the beach with you…after you made sure to pack it. This guy comes in HANDY!

3) BLISTER BAND AIDS – Those shoes you just bought for this vacation that you forgot to brake in…OUCH! I always bring a small variety of band aids but the blister ones always get used the most.

4) Ibuprofen – Laying out in the sun all day can give you a head ache and then all you want to do is go to bed. Also that screaming baby on the flight over left you feeling like all day is about to spent in your hotel room. This guy will come in handy. TRUST ME.

5) Pepto, Tums, or a Stomach Relief Aid – Because food poisoning. It happens. Trying a countries native cuisine can be exciting for you but torture for your stomach! Airports and cities also carry lots of bugs and viruses. So wash your hands with soap and water and bring something for your stomach!

6) Dry shampoo – I typically just use baby powder. You can buy it travel sized and its easy to find. Summer is the season for SWEAT and greasy hair is just not cute.

7) Wet Brush – Probably the best invention ever! The ocean and my hair HATE each other. This brush untangled it nicely without causing major damage to my hair. I also bring detangler but your hair may not be as tangled as mine.

8) Waterproof Mascara & Eyeliner – Even if you’re not planning on swimming you will sweat!

9) Sensodyne toothpaste – A lot of dentist friends recommend bringing this travel toothpaste on vacation because if there is anytime you don’t want a sensitive tooth…it’s your expensive vacation.

9) Speaker – I like to listen to music when I get ready, on the beach, etc. Bonus if it’s waterproof. If you forget one. Just put your phone in an empty cup and it will act as a speaker.

10) Waterproof electronic equipment – If you’re like me and HATE leaving your phone behind because you love to document everything get a water proof phone case, go pro case, etc. On my last trip the boat flooded while I wasn’t even on it! Bye iPhone 6! My friend had a head attachment on his go pro (which is naturally waterproof) and he almost lost while on a sea bob. Our other friend had a case with a floatie on it. That other friend was nailing it! You can be sorry or you can be that friend….i’m that friend. sigh.


Bikini Style Inspiration

Temporary Tattoos instead of jewelry

Makeup Tanning Hack

and more styling inspiration to come!


Happy Traveling

City Girl Riss

Summer Style: Bikini Edition

Summer Style: Bikini Edition

Going on vacation this summer calls for the ultimate essential….Bikinis! So naturally a blog post with lots of style inspiration is mandatory! Currently looking for a new bathing suit myself for my trip to Ibiza, Spain! As the people of Ibiza say…Lets get this party started!

First we have the classic bikini


Mint is a flattering color on anyone! (http://www.everythingbutwater.com/swimwear/browse/products/l-space/l-solids/55599+sc36t14+386.html)


A fringe top can make a smaller bust look fuller


Macrame is the newest upcoming trend in suits (http://shopplanetblue.com/indah-ola-macrame-bikini-top-blue)


Strappy Bikinis are all over this summer (http://shopplanetblue.com/blue-life-monte-carlo-tri-top)


A little lace goes a long way (http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=33857731&color=041&parentid=MORE_IDEAS#/)

One piece. Just as sexy as a bikini if not more!











Sporty. Also known as the year Neoprene was discovered








Bandeau Bikini. Always a classic. Always Girly.










Halter Top. The 90’s girl inside me will always rejoice at halter crop tops!








High waisted bottoms and itsy bikini tops make for a flattering stylish suit on anyone!









Well I’m ready to hit the beach! Vacation Time is the best time!

Happy Traveling

City Girl Riss

Tip of the Week: Styling Hack

Tip of the Week: Styling Hack

Whether you’re traveling and staying at a luxury hotel or a hostel…traveling with jewelery is a pain. I’ve tried pill cases to keep jewelery from tangling, zip block bags, small satchels, and in the end I just wind up buying cheap jewelery for big vacations only to throw it away afterwards due to tarnish. If you feel the same way then I have a perfect solution for you. Flash tattoos!

They’re easily portable, will save you space in your suitcase, cost anywhere from 7-30 dollars for a few pages, last for days, and you can customize them any way you want! Not to mention that all you need to do for these fashionable temporary tattoos is cut, wet a paper towel on sponge, hold for a few seconds, peel, and let dry! Even the Queen B likes Flash Tattoos on her vacation!

Not to mention, I hate bringing my nice jewelery on vacation! Nothing against hostels, but sharing a room with anyone other than the people I trust has me stressed about my belongings. Even in nice hotels or apartments from air b’n’b I don’t trust leaving my valuables unattended to. Flash tattoos are a perfect answer!

Now how about a little style inspiration?





d62b4055ec4bd1c5fe7cf1152ade42c4 image-1 image-3 image-5


image-4 84ea2154c5ae54a261a5c851b0ac19c4


and ending it with my way.

You can find flash tattoos:

on etsy (offers many varieties and styles. Just type in metallic temporary tattoos.)

Mumu: (http://www.showmeyourmumu.com/flash-tattoos-illia-collection)

Bloomingdales: (http://www1.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/lulu-dk-love-story-temporary-jewelry-tattoos-pack-of-2?ID=1104804&CategoryID=3376#fn=spp=1&ppp=96&sp=Null&rid=Null&cm_kws=flash%20tat)

Thanks for stopping by. Soon to follow: What to wear for a summer vacation, Bikini style inspiration, and all about my Ibiza trip!

Happy Traveling

City Girl Riss

What to pack for a Spring Vacation (Style inspiration)

What to pack for a Spring Vacation (Style inspiration)

In this post I’ll give you the essentials for what to pack and how to pack! Plus some style inspo!

Lets start with how to pack….

Over the years I’ve encountered and made friends with many flight attendants and they will all give you the same advice…don’t fold your clothes. ROLL THEM! As a flight attendant they travel weekly living out of carry on bags and I’ve gotten some of my best packing tips from them as well as a few of my own from mistakes I’ve encountered!

So now that we know you need to roll your clothes lets move on to what kind of clothes to pack!

Leggings (versatile) Wear a flowy shirt over them, under a dress, or under jeans if it gets really cold!

Leggings + a sweater = you warm on a cloudy mid 60’s day



Leggings and a flowy tank = straight from the airport, comfy, and weather appropriate in May

Tank tops (your best friends) Dress it up. Dress it down. Layer it. Wear it to bed.



Going zip lining in Thailand? Or just looking for an outfit to wear during an active adventure? Tank top + sports bra + jean shorts ( or sub an athletic short) = comfy and ready for adventure!

Flowy shirt or loose t-shirt. Goes great over leggings and you can always tuck it in for a more polished look especially with shorts




Flowy T-shirt + leggings = effortless

White button down shirt or Oxford shirt (easy to dress up or down and always looks polished)



Plaid never disappoints!


A maxi dress or skirt (one that does not require a special bra to be worn and that can easily be thrown on or off especially over a bathing suit) I always bring a longer one just in case the forecast predicts cloudy and you need some coverage on your legs.

Hello spring skirt! If you’re not trying to walk the entire city of Rome in heels I’d recommend a nice flat, strappy sandal, or a small wedge. Save the heels for dinner and drinks! Or don’t…you’re on vacation.






Cute sweater, and/or a cardigan. Easy way to stay warm and still look cute!

I give you the perfect airport outfit! Beanie + tank top + leggings + cardigan + converse = ready for anything




Rainy and cold mid summer in Boston. No problem! Sweater + Maxi = Warm and cozy. Oh, and a cute boy!

Light jacket that can double for a rainy day. You may not use it but if you do need it…you will be SO THANKFUL

Rain boots are always a good idea in spring!




Don’t fear the colored jackets! Spring is perfect for pastels!

A pair of pants! I usually bring a denim pair in a dark wash and a material pant (black). Feel free to play with color though! Since I’ve demonstrated denim in the other photos here are some fun patterns and colors. Get inspired!

Mint skinnies.white crop top.



And finally! Beanies and Hats! Because beanies will be your saving grace after an 8 hour flight and wide-brimmed hats will be your street style wind and I’ve been swimming all day savior.





Now every girls favorite part SHOES! You’ve rolled all your clothes nicely and packed them away and now you need to pack your shoes…..you bought some new ones just for vacation but you also have shoes that have been through the amazon jungle and back….No problem! Wrap each pair in a plastic bag that you get from grocery shopping. Some people say to use shower caps. That works too but I know I don’t have many shower caps lying around….

Now what shoes to pack? In a carry on I recomend three types of shoes for spring

1) The Everyday shoe. Make sure it’s easy to slip on and off so you can wear it on the beach, around town, or to a cafe

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2) The Dinner Shoe. Something with a small heel, a flat, a wedge, or full heel if you’re up to it after a day of exploring!

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3) The Activity Shoe. Something with support thats gonna keep your feet comfy while you run and play

Doc Martens! Perfect for fall-spring! Plus they’re water proof! Take that rain!




Converse are the perfect casual sneaker for hiking up a volcano! Not to mention they come in fun colors!

The most important acessory for spring….an UMBRELLA! (Make sure to bring a plastic bag with you because if you use it your gonna need to store it!)


Last but certainly not least….what to bring in your makeup bag! These items are ESPECIALLY important for spring and could make or break your trip!

1) Allergy medicine – Every country has their own set of wonderful allergens and pollen. You never know how you might react! In Rome I had AWFUL allergies. No idea why. Now I bring a few allergy pills to get me by! Especially important in Spring.

2) Sunscreen – The biggest sham all over the world! Most countries have never heard of travel sizes and oh yeah….the cheapest one is 15 euros or 1500 bahts….Just bring it.

3) Aloe Vera Gel – Speaking of suncreen…sometimes you forget to bring it to the beach with you…after you made sure to pack it. This guy comes in HANDY!

4) BLISTER BAIND AIDS – Those shoes you just bought for this vacation that you forgot to brake in…OUCH! I always bring a small variety of band aids but the blister ones always get used the most.

5) Ibuprofen – Laying out in the sun all day can give you a head ache and then all you want to do is go to bed. Also that screaming baby on the flight over left you feeling like all day is about to spent in your hotel room. This guy will come in handy. TRUST ME.

6) Cold medicine – I bring a few packets of dayquil/nyquil. Because spending all day touching railings, in and out of cabs, and through crowded museums can leave behind a few cold bugs that I know I’d rather not deal with for the rest of my trip. Not to mention that asking for cold medicine at a pharmacy in another country can present challenges all on its own.

7) Sensodyne toothpaste – A lot of dentist friends recommend bringing this travel toothpaste on vacation because if there is anytime you don’t want a sensitive tooth…it’s your expensive vacation.

Hope this helps you on your spring vacation!

Happy Traveling!

City Girl Riss