Simple Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Thanksgiving is almost here! Are you stressing about what dish you’re going to bring to your relatives? Or how about mulling over what you’re going to serve your gluten intolerant guests? If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know I’ve written many articles about Thanksgiving. Letting my foodie monster roam free to cook for nothing but two days straight is something I look forward to every year. It’s more than just the creative aspect of it though, to me, food is what brings people together. Because I’m constantly traveling, it’s hard for me to make it home all the time so I’m so looking forward to spending some quality family time.


Here’s a round-up of my favorite Thanksgiving articles. I made every side dish in my, Show-Stopping Thanksgiving Side Dishes, article last year. My younger cousin, Brianna, uses this article to make my kale salad all the time she says. Everything I write about is personally tried and tested, so I hope you enjoy these recipes and let me know what you think! These recipes also work great for any time of the year but are particularly great dishes for Fall/Winter.


Show-Stopping Thanksgiving Side Dishes


8 Gluten-Free Recipes for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Dinner Alternatives to Turkey


For more Thanksgiving, check out these articles too:

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Roundup

Panicking for last-minute V-Day Ideas? I got you covered. From date ideas to DIY gifts to a delicious home cooked meal there’s a little something for everyone. Then on Thursday, we can celebrate the real holiday. You know, when all the candy at CVS goes on sale for 50% off. One time a CVS worker joked with me about how you could buy the candy half off now and save it for next year, HAHA. If you don’t want to be single for Valentine’s Day in 2019 I would advise against this. Regardless, wishing all you love birds a very happy Valentine’s Day!


The Best Free Valentine’s Date Idea in NYC

Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Make for Your Loved Ones

Valentine’s Day Activities for Singles

Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations



(Photo of myself and my Galentine’s Day bestie, Brittany, on a beach in Norway under the Northern Lights. Our attempt at a heart, haha.)




The Best Free Valentine’s Date Idea in NYC

If you live or have ever visited NYC, you know that it’s one of the greatest cities in the world. However, in addition to being one of the greatest cities, it’s also one of the most expensive. Between rent, Ubers, and your seamless bill, a holiday that’s centered around celebrating your loved one via overpriced meals and novelty teddy bears can easily put a strain on any financial plan. Mix it up this year by taking your significant other to the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park. Bryant Park is the only free admission ice skating rink in NYC making it a great budget-friendly v-day spot. You can rent skates for a small fee or bring your own for free. Skating under the NYC skyline is not only romantic, it’s also fun!

Of course, after you work up an appetite you can stop by the Winter Village Eatery, Public Fare, for some casual cuisine and cocktails. Just be sure to save room for dessert as you indulge your sweet tooth at DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections. DŌ’s cookie dough concoctions are easily the most Instagrammed dessert of 2017 with their first store opening in NYC hosting lines that seem to be a mile long. In other words, it’s really really good. I’d say it’s the perfect way to end Valentine’s day.



Wishing all you lovebirds a Happy V-Day!





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So I created my own page so that my readers can follow me easily via Facebook! So feel free to share it with your friends, fellow travelers, and loved ones. Here are some updates and things to look forward to….

1) New posts – yay! (I’ve been slacking lately, sorry)

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3) A website redesign – It’s been long overdue

and MORE!

So stay tuned, keep traveling, and SHARE SHARE SHARE!

Sharing this post from awhile back to share where my love for traveling all started.…/5-things-ive-learned-…/



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7 German Phrases You’ll Want to Know

7 German Phrases You’ll Want to Know

The article I wrote for Pink Pangea is here!


Check out this post about 7 German Phrases You’ll Want to Know here. Be sure to explore Pink Pangea as well! A great site for female travelers offering tips, tricks, experiences, yoga, hiking, and writing courses all over the world!

7 German Phrases You’ll Want to Know

Hope everyone is enjoying the spring as much as I am! Prost!


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Tip of the Week: Planning Hack

Tip of the Week: Planning Hack

As someone who travels a lot…my prefered method of transportation is flying! At times I can end up shelling out a lot more than I anticipated but it can be worth it and necessary! Not to mention it’s also the quickest. If you didn’t know my favorite website to use for researching flights is Skyscanner! It gives you the cheapest flights on your planned day of travel and several websites to choose from depending on price. It makes it easy to adjust days, if your travel days are flexible, to find the cheapest days to travel (which is typically a week day.) In addition, you can also do open-ended searches. For example, If you’re traveling from NYC you can type in your airport, city, or state and hit search. It will then give you all of the countries listed from cheapest to most expensive. This makes finding cheap holidays a breeze! Hope this website helps you as much as it’s helped me!


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